Tribal Fusion-Gothic dancing workshop on 13.08.2008 Hannover

On Wednesday, 13.08.08, Clarissa and I made a little dancing workshop in the gym center in the Sodenstraße 3a.
Clarissa, who was responsible for all dancing activities, had put together a few more or less difficult moves, which she wanted to present to the attendants. Besides that we wanted to show how you can communicate and express feelings while you dance. During the lessons there were lots of laughter, as Clarissa annotated her instructions with funny talking and was as well able to bring out unexpected abilities of those who thought they had absolutely no talent in playing act.
Because I had not to sing the whole time through there was time for me to attend the instructions for a while. After everybody had an idea of the moves we tried to combine it with my singing.
The workshop really was lots of fun and, as you can see on the picture, there were quiet a few attendants.

I hope we can do it again!