December 22th 09
Merry christmas and a happy and successful new year to all my fans, friends and partners!
In case waiting for the new songs should get too long, you can already have a look at a small clip
of the guitar recordings of Fleeting time.

Best wishes to you all
Alexa :-)

For the video click
>>>here <<<

December 21th 09
Open eyes A SONG COLLECTION, a CD sampler released by LOYworld Records,
9 Tracks including Alexa – Vampira misera.
You can also order the CD sampler for 4 € + postage and packing directly at LOYworld Records,
mail to:

November 29th 09
News out of the studio. Click >>> here <<<

November 23th 09
The gothic- and merchandiseshop YOUR-ENCORE.COM made an interview with Alexa, which
you can read on:
Sorry, the interview is only in German.

October 21th 09
>>>Here <<< you can watch a new live video, made on 12th September 2009
at the Eventmeile Oschersleben.
Thanks to Bernd Braun,, for the incredible lightshow!

October 19th 09
Alexa wrote a couple of new songs and improves the last details of them lately.
The songs sound very promising and are the musical sequel to "Flashbacks" and "Vampira Misera".
Ömme is bubbling over with ideas and thought up some resourceful guitar riffs.
In one of those songs Alexa will even sing a stanza in German. We can be curious about it.
If everything works as scheduled the first studio-session will start in November.

September 25th 09
Reports from the 1th Weltentor-Festival on: and
Sorry, only in German.

August 22th 09
Alexa´s dream to be on a big stage together with other famous bands like MEGAHERZ will
come true on 5th June 2010.
She will perform at the MULTI-KULTI-ART-FESTIVAL – Artists for Kids - which
will take place on 4th to 6th June in Euskirchen.

"With this campaign a committee of well-known artists and other people interested in arts from
all over the country want to call the attention to the misery of many children who suffer disease
and poverty and MUST be helped!
A part of the so earned money will be spent for social workers of the “OFF-ROAD-KIDS-
foundation” with locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and Köln to help teenagers make it
off the streets and back to normal social life."

August 17th 09
The amusement park Weltentor is seriously in trouble.
For this reason the band Dark Curate, and the agency Dark Illusion
set up a charity concert in cooperation with the Weltentor itself to give financial support.
The event will be taking place on 18th & 19th September and the following bands have already
agreed on their attendance:
Friday: Scherbenpalast / Alexa / Osiris Taurus / Harry Schwarz / Ally the Fiddle
Saturday: ONYX EYES / C.A.I.N.E / Ignis Fatuu / Traumtänzer

August 6th 09
Next gig on Saturday, 12.09.09 at the 1st Gothic Night at the Eventmeile in Oschersleben.
Additional bands at this event are Klatext from Oschersleben and Burn from Münster.

June 23th 09
A report of the choir performance, can you read >>> here <<<

May 31th 09
Alexa will be performing as a member of the LOYworld-Singers choir on the
"Fête de la musique"-Festival in the Künstlerhaus in Hanover.

May 13th 09
Concert pictures from Lippstadt, here in the gallery and on Alexa´s myspace profile!
Many thanks to Simone and Stefan!

April 18th 09
On Friday, April 24th 09, 8:00 p.m., Alexa will be on air at with an interview.
Songs of her album "Storyteller" will of course be played as well.
If you like you can also join the chat and she will answer you questions.

April 6th 09
Here you can read a review about the album "Storyteller" and a new interview.

April 4th 09
Under the heading "Multimedia" you can now check out the new songs "Vampira misera" and "Flashbacks".
If you like write down your impressions in a comment in the guestbook.

March 16th 09
New pics from "Draconis" Concert on the Gallery.

February 19th 09
The "Dark Feather Underground-Zine" made an interview with Alexa, which you can read
And you can also order a CD sampler for 1,95 € including Alexa`s song "The little accountant".
We apologize for the fact, that this interview is only available in german language.

February 8th 09
Recordings for the new two songs are finished now.
Alexa would like to present them at the "Draconis" on 14th March.
After that both songs can be also heard on the myspace profile and the homepage.

January 29th 09
Alexa will enter the stage in line with a concert-event in the meeting place "Draconis",
Munzeler Straße 25, Hanover-Ricklingen with two other band-acts on Saturday, 14th March.
Klick here for further information.

January 27th 09
English version of an interview with Alexa by Claudia Wagner in November 2008 online!
>>> read the interview <<<

January 20th 09
Good news about studio work! >>> read more <<<

December 23th 08
Hello to all my fans!
I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!
I hope that I soon can present to you new songs, but it will still take a bit of time (probably
until february).
So please be patient! ;-)

With love

December 17th 08
Coming soon: English version of an interview with Alexa by Claudia Wagner in November 2008.

November 13th 08
A fan meeting is planned for the beginning of 2009 in the Lippstadt
(North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) area, where Alexa will be performing her songs.
We are also in contact with other bands to also play there.
The exact date and location will be announced within the following weeks.

November 5th 08
The recording of the new songs will be delayed a bit, so Alexa will probably
not be able to present them before December.

September 18th 08
There is an upload of a few of the new pictures in the gallery today!

September 13th 08
The first new Picture! More coming soon!

August 23th 08
Report from the Tribal Fusion-Gothic Tanzworkshop! >>> read more <<<

August 1st 08
Today the official homepage of ALEXA will finally go online!
Now I hope that you all will enjoy this page and sign the visitors book!