On 21th June 2009 the LOYworld Singers, a choir Alexa is a member of, performed at the
“Fête de la musique”-Festival in the Künstlerhaus in Hanover.

The program started by a short speech of Roland Loy, who conducted the choir.
15 songs of various music styles were presented, as there were No Angels, Bee Gees, Green Day,
Richard Marx, Hanson Brothers, Phil Collins, Aerosmith, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson.
The fun which was delivered by the choir singing their songs could be felt by the audience, and every song was
answered by a lot of applause.
After about an hour the gig was closed with “Have a nice day”.

…and it couldn`t been more to the point, because of the very nice afternoon, which presented pleasure
to everyone…

    from left: Jens, Marion, Ute, Sylvia, Gesa,                    Alexa
    Daria-Maret, Alexa and at the Piano: Roland